Restorative Dentistry that involves replacing the missing or damaged teeth to restore the natural teeth and smile preventing any future health issues. The restorative treatment options include;



A permanent tooth once broken or chipped cannot be regrown other than the use of Restorative Crowns to fit over it. A Crown is a tooth shaped cap placed over chipped, broken or cracked teeth or to simply protect the natural tooth structure. It is specially designed to fit your tooth and is made up of a hard substance to blend with your natural teeth.


As the name suggests, tooth Bridges help bridge the gap created by missing tooth. They are the easy and quick way of restoring your natural smile and correction of bite for better eating. Bridges help keep the other teeth in place and prevent them from moving from their original place and once installed they function like a natural tooth.

crowns and bridges in DLF Phase 3

crown and bridges DLF Phase 3

RBS Dental Clinic in DLF Phase 3 has a team of proficient dentists that are serving the vast needs of the patients with the use of latest technology housed at the clinic.The clinic is designed keeping mind the comfort of all ages. The assisting staff is well trained for the most satisfactory treatment of all the patients. Book an appointment at RBS Dental Clinic for the long lasting treatment through crowns and Bridges in DLF Phase 3.