Orthodontics treatment not only gives you a beautiful smile but can add to healthier oral conditions. Crooked teeth and incorrect bite teeth may be harder to clean which may eventually build in cavities. Braces help align the misalignment which increases overall facial aesthetics giving you pretty smile to cherish. The dentist may conduct oral x-rays and use other tools to determine the requirement of Orthodontics for your dental conditions.

Braces involve a regular treatment of few months to year or more for the correction of several conditions:

  • Straighten teeth making them aligned for better appearance
  • Remove the unappealing spaces between the teeth
  • Prevent cavities and gum problems due to crooked teeth
  • Correct the chewing abilities


RBS Dental Clinic is amongst the leading dental clinic in DLF Phase 3 which uses state of the art facility to spread oral health. The clinic is equipped with some of the latest technologies and all the material used is imported from branded distributors to ensure good quality to the patients. Braces, lately, have been designed as per the different requirements of different people. RBS offers a range of following braces to choose from;


Metal Braces:

The most common type of traditional braces used to restore the beautiful smile. These are the most comfortable form of braces made out of stainless steel.

ceramic-bracesCeramic Braces:

Tooth colored ceramic braces are made of clear materials so that they are least visible. Most of the adults and teenagers prefer wearing ceramic braces.

lingualLingual Braces:

These are literally the invisible braces as they are fixed behind the teeth for absolute invisibility.


Incognito Braces:

Specially designed to align the teeth at any age. Incognito Braces are the latest in orthodontics that are removable clear aligners and invisible on the teeth.

Teeth reshaping
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metal braces
metal braces


Dr. Kamal Yadav is a specialist in orthodontic treatment and offers a wide range of options of braces. The treatment mainly depends only on the complexity of the case but as on average it takes about one to two years for the complete procedure. It is an extremely comfortable procedure and can help the patients restore a healthy and admirable smile. Contact RBS Dental Clinic for braces in DLF Phase 3.
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