Root Canal Treatment is performed to treat the inside of the tooth. When a tooth cavity is left untreated it reaches the root and damages the pulp by inflammation or infection. The treatment involves removal of the inflamed pulp restoring the natural tooth by artificial insert filling material. The most common causes of tooth decay and pulp damage include a deep cavity, tooth injury or a cracked tooth.

The decayed tooth if not treated can further damage the bone covering the tooth by the built of pus in the jawbone at the root tip. A Root Canal Treatment at RBS Dental Clinic is performed by the specialist endodontist and promises;

  • A painless procedure that is extremely comfortable
  • Single sitting therapy completed in 30 minutes
  • Use of latest technology, Rotary Endodontics
  • High precision and success by Apex ZX Locator


Dr. Kamal Yadav is an experienced dentist in DLF Phase 3 and has equipped RBS Dental Clinic with the latest most technology to ensure complete satisfaction and comfort to the patients. The skilled dentists at the the clinic factually recommend the best suitable treatment in accordance with your dental conditions. Root Canal Treatment in DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon is performed with the latest techniques and high quality material at the clinic. Contact RBS Dental Clinic for further details and consultation with an expert dentist.